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2.99.49 patch4

Well... "when it rains, it pours.."

	I have been listening at people, and watching things around
	myself.  Here are the results for today..

	Even my collegues surprised me when one of them wrote a piece
	of code for smtp testing, and got the "DATA" command response
	a bit wrong..  She said: "But sendmail was happy with it!"

	The worst things I found is the bug at  'mailbox'.
	Sometimes smallish messages became scrambled in weird way.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

Fri Jul  4 14:54:02 1997  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* Makefile.in
	    Version 2.99.49p4

	* router/rfc822.c:
	    Nuke headers: "Bcc:", "Return-Path:", "X-Orcpt:", "X-Envid:",
	                  and respective "Resent-*:" variants

	* router/libdb/bsdbtree.c:
	    If the db can not be opened ( open_btree() returns NULL ),
	    don't crash on it..

	* scheduler/msgerror.c:
	    In case the report we are composing does have "NOTIFY=NEVER"
	    in effect, but no valid recipients exist, ignore any such
	    NOTIFY value, and return the message in full -- to the system

	* transports/mailbox/mailbox.c:
	    Found a bug in let_buffer[] reuse -- it was an "automatic"
	    variable, that is, stack reclaimed it in between message
	    deliveries, and of course were able to corrupt it!
	    I also enlarged the  let_buffer[]  size to be of reasonable
	    size -- 16k to 64k depending on your BUFSIZ value.

	* transports/mailbox/mailbox.c:
	    Add headers "X-Orcpt:" and "X-Envid:" to the message when
	    storing it into a file.  For a pipe the data is passed in
	    envelope variables.  (I got rather fed up with spams this
	    morning, and decided to add a bit more trace as to whom
	    the message has been sent originally..)

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c:
	    Accept non rfc-821 behaviour of the remote server by treating
	    non-conformant reply of form:  "NNN<CRLF>" the same as
	    conformant reply of form: "NNN<SP><CRLF>".