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using zmailer for serious production


	I'm following the development of zmailer since the time
Rayan was its author. The design is very amazing. As for now I
work for a large internet provider in Holland and we relay/handle
a couple hundreds of thousands emails a day. This is a very tough
task for sendmail so I am really considering switching our major
operations to zmailer. I looked into current version of it and it
was quite a pleasant seen although neither properly documented nor
commented still looks very promising and solid. I would like to
hear some success stories/comments/opinions/advices regarding
running zmailer in production environment. Needless to say our
email operations is almost the most critical part in our business
so should it fail a company like ours could be out of business in
a couple of days. Sorry for being a bit noisy and thanks for your
reactions in advance,
		Yesterday dont matter when its gone