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Re: How to update localnames?

Tim DiLauro writes:
> On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Swen Thuemmler wrote:

> > yesterday I changed the db/localnames file (added some entries). This lead
> > to some nasty errors ("trying to talk with myself" and such). I
> > immediately stopped and restarted zmailer, but I wonder what is the
> > correct method to change localnames (and fqdnaliases and aliases). Can I
> > edit a copy and then move it in place or do I have to stop zmailer before
> > changing the file? Normally, I don't want to stop zmailer just for
> > changing one of these files. Now, localnames is an ordered file, so this
> > may be the source of the error, but now I wonder about aliases, which I
> > do edit a lot more often. Is newaliases safe? What are the correct
> > procedures?

> Swen:

> Here's what I do.

> I edit db/localnames and save it to a temporary file.  Then I "sort" it
> back into db/localnames (you can do all this without an extra file from
> within emacs).  Finally, I restart the router(s) with "zmailer router".

	You can also do it in vi: once done editing, just do a :1,$!sort


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