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Re: How to change delivery agent in zmailer

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Donald Ball wrote:

> So I finally got zmailer compiled and installed (although I did have to
> tweak the Makefile in the man directory a teensy bit - changed "-m444" to
> "-m 444"). Now I want to change the delivery agent so that it will
> deliver to cyrus imapd instead of mailboxes in /var/mail. There apparantly
> is a way, since there's a small mention of it in pm.conf, but very little
> in the way of actual documentation. Anyone else out there have zmailer
> configured for use with cyrus? What's the secret?
> - donald

  No secret at all.  Basically make sure that the line in sm.conf for
cyrus is enabled, and make sure that you modify the "local/*" section in
scheduler.conf to start sm, rather than mailbox.

  I used to use Zmailer with cyrus for quite a while, but I had ditch
Zmailer because it rather unstable at the time.