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Re: How to change delivery agent in zmailer

> So I finally got zmailer compiled and installed (although I did have to
> tweak the Makefile in the man directory a teensy bit - changed "-m444" to
> "-m 444"). Now I want to change the delivery agent so that it will
> deliver to cyrus imapd instead of mailboxes in /var/mail. There apparantly
> is a way, since there's a small mention of it in pm.conf, but very little
> in the way of actual documentation. Anyone else out there have zmailer
> configured for use with cyrus? What's the secret?

	At the  zmailer-2.99.48*/proto/scheduler.conf  file there is:

	# Originally we had 3 hour expiry, but if your local system goes to
	# a fizz (freezes, that is), your local mail may start to bounce
	# before anybody notices anything...
	# want 20 channel slots, but only one HOST
	# Do MIME text/plain; Quoted-Printable -> text/plain; 8BIT
	# conversion on flight!
	command="mailbox -8"
	# Or with CYRUS server the following might do:
	#command="sm -8c $channel cyrus"
	# Or with PROCMAIL as the local delivery agent:
	#command="sm -8c $channel procm"

	You have the choice...
	At the   proto/sm.conf   is the ultimate running method to run
	the cyrus, but to get that far, it is necessary to choose right
	way to schedule it at first.

	Do note that at the scheduler.conf there are also channels to
	handle local pipes, and local file writes independently from
	the general use mailbox store.  That because neither the procmail,
	nor cyrus are very happy to do them...

> - donald

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>