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lists using zmailer

I heard there's been some discussion about running lists with zmailer
here in the past few days.  I have a setup I like quite well now,
involving two perl scripts written specifically for zmailer.

They assume that there's a capable human on-site who looks after the
lists, and concentrate on doing the -simple- stuff and leave a little
to the admin, rather than add complexity across the board to try to do
as much as possible (as Majordomo does) or add DWIM features (as
smartlist does).

They also have reasonable antispam and anti-looping features, and use
DSN to limit the amount of bounces.

I've been meaning to send the scripts to Matti as contribs, but would
like to have a little broader testing first.  If you'd like to be the
second site to run these scripts, before they're publicly available,
write me.

(I'm not currently subscribed to the zmailer list.  I just sent off a
subscription request so I should catch all replies, but please cc me
directly just in case.)