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Re: Config Question

> Sorry, that was quite an oversite on my part.  Obviously you'd need to know
> this info....
> Right now, I'm just using the ZMailer to manage my mailing lists.  As you
> mentioned above, my lists are in $MAILSHARE/lists/.  However, ZMailer isn't
> suppressing duplicates on these internal lists....
> Sometime in the future, I'll be moving to majordomo for list management;
> however.

	Ok, I had a brief tour over the configuration scripts.
	The info is buried in there into the comments.

		Need to add  'db flush expansions'  to other
		'db flush'es it does at the start of process().

		Comment away the 'db flush expansions'.  See the
		associated comment text :-)  It explains this all.

	After the editing, you need to explicitely install the
	script files:
		# cp -p proto/cf/*.cf $MAILSHARE/cf/
	(because 'make install' will not do it..)
	(You can, of course, edit files in the $MAILSHARE/cf/ ...)

	Once you begin to use external programs to filter the lists,
	message's address associations are broken, and sending to two
	lists at same command line becomes all the sudden equivalent
	of sending the message individually to each of the lists; except
	of the RFC-822 headers, which don't have anything to do with
	message routing, anyway...  Thus the message-wide address
	duplication filtering as built above breaks down.

> Thanks,
> Kevin Traas
> Systems Analyst
> Edmondson Roper CA
> http://www.eroper.bc.ca

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>