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Re: db question and portability.h patch

> 	Solaris 2.6 ?  Early-Access beta ?
> 	I have to ask an account at an Sol2.6EA machine we
> 	have at my work..  I didn't think there was any
> 	high priority at getting the ZMailer running in it :)

Yeah, we're on the EA program. Solaris 2.6 seems pretty decent so far,
I've had more troubles with gcc- web server performance in
particular is quite a bit better than Solaris 2.5.1, though I haven't
compared to 2.5.1+ISS. Anyway...

> 	Anyway, the autoconf(ig) isn't very good at finding
> 	things automatically when they are in abnormal positions.
> 	"abnormal" in this context is  /usr/local/  instead
> 	of /usr/ ...    How many alternate trees should be
> 	supported automatically, and when to add one more
> 		--with-bsd-db-include=
> 		--with-bsd-db-lib=
> 	or some such ?

Well, the problem appears to be a bit more subtle than I originally
thought - I copied the db.h file to /usr/include just for kicks and the
configure script still doesn't find it! I had to mangle the db.h file a
little bit to get db-1.8.5 to compile with gcc- (problem with a new
int_types.h file - actually, I get warnings about it when compiling
zmailer too but no errors), but not too seriously. What can I do here? 

- donald