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Re: db question and portability.h patch

> Hiya. I'm trying to compile zmailer-2.99.48p2 on a Solaris 2.6 host
> running gcc- and db-1.8.5. My db.h file lives in
> /usr/local/include, but configure doesn't find it when searching for
> database packages. I've edited config.h by hand and tried to compile, but
> to no avail. Any suggestions?

	Solaris 2.6 ?  Early-Access beta ?
	I have to ask an account at an Sol2.6EA machine we
	have at my work..  I didn't think there was any
	high priority at getting the ZMailer running in it :)

	Anyway, the autoconf(ig) isn't very good at finding
	things automatically when they are in abnormal positions.
	"abnormal" in this context is  /usr/local/  instead
	of /usr/ ...    How many alternate trees should be
	supported automatically, and when to add one more
	or some such ?

> Oh, I had trouble with libresolv/portability.h (using
> --with-bundled-libresolv option to configure). Turns out I needed to
> comment out the following section:

	Yes, there has been talk about it in the bind-workders list.

> /*
> #if defined(SVR4) && defined(sun)
> extern int gethostname __P((char *, size_t));
> #endif
> */
> - donald

	/Matti Aarnio -- wishing you good night