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Re: Questions re Zmail

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> 1. What is this "Timeserver" and why does it garble the ps line?
> 11831  ?  S      0:00 /usr/lib/zmailer/router -dkn 4 
> 11836  ?  S      0:04 /usr/lib/zmailer/scheduler -l /var/log/mail/scheduler.perflog -S -H 
> 11837  ?  S      0:00 TimeServer ailer/scheduler -l /var/log/mail/scheduler.perflog -S -H 
> 11838  ?  S      0:00 /usr/lib/zmailer/router -dkn 4 
> 11839  ?  S      0:00 /usr/lib/zmailer/router -dkn 4 

It is responsible for serving the current date/time.  I guess the idea is
that, at maximum, one gettimeofday() per second will occur due to the
scheduler.  On a busy mail system it could be a significant win.

I too noticed that, but it's not really harmful - it's just not over-writing
the entire previous argv.

> Also how big can the lists be that Zmailer can reasonably handle natively
> 100.000? 10.000? 1.000?
> Or is it better to have bulkmail or smartlist handle the mailing lists?

It's all a matter of how much memory the router process will use when
processing a message to the list.  A longer list = more memory needed.  The
actual list expansion isn't a problem - just the size of the router while
processing a large number of addresses in one message.  Thus an external
list expander (especially one written in an interpreted language) is not
likely to help things.

> I also noticed that the scheduler/router log quite a bit of information to
> files that is not necessary. Any way to switch those off?

The router logging can be controlled by the following line in

LOGLEVEL="address: deferred: file: header_defer: info: recipient:"

Just remove the things you don't want logged.  The above is pretty much

Incidentally, my (Slackware) Linux mail system running Zmailer is delivering
messages to an average (over the last 3 days, which have been relatively
quiet) of 60-70k recipients per day (mostly the Miata mailing list) without
a hitch.  Until very recently, I delivered this volume with a P90 with 80MB
of memory.  Your 150MHz Cyrix CPU might be sufficient, but 16MB of RAM is
probably too skimpy for serious work like this with any MTA.


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