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Questions re Zmail

1. What is this "Timeserver" and why does it garble the ps line?

11831  ?  S      0:00 /usr/lib/zmailer/router -dkn 4 
11836  ?  S      0:04 /usr/lib/zmailer/scheduler -l /var/log/mail/scheduler.perflog -S -H 
11837  ?  S      0:00 TimeServer ailer/scheduler -l /var/log/mail/scheduler.perflog -S -H 
11838  ?  S      0:00 /usr/lib/zmailer/router -dkn 4 
11839  ?  S      0:00 /usr/lib/zmailer/router -dkn 4 

2. Why does mailq need the -Q option when querying a scheduler running
with -Q? This is quirk. Make mailq discover what protocol is used by the
scheduler and act appropriately.

3. Is there any mailing list manager available that uses the native
mailing list features of Zmailer?

Also how big can the lists be that Zmailer can reasonably handle natively

100.000? 10.000? 1.000?

Or is it better to have bulkmail or smartlist handle the mailing lists?

4. Logging via syslogd

It seesm that the syslog daemon consumes quite a bit of cpu time and is
often waiting for disk i/o to take place. Is there some way to switch
logging off or do logging in a different way?

I also noticed that the scheduler/router log quite a bit of information to
files that is not necessary. Any way to switch those off?

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