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Re: .48-970407.patch1b is OK

> > Although, I noticed a big (18Meg) smtp process now and started
> > investigation.  It revealed that the process is trying to deliver
> > a hughe message (17M).  Matti, does it mean that smtp agent keeps
> > the whole message in memory?  Is it expected behavior?
>      The message file (and the transport-descriptor file) are
>      opened RDONLY (and RW respectively), and then mmap()ed

Ah, I understand.  No need to worry about the resources.

> > (No, in my previous reports, smtp processes grew to 50Meg while
> > delivering average several Kb size messages).
>      Fixed in patch1b

It is.  1b is running almost 24 hours and things look good.  I slept well
this night, no pager messages about the "mail system broken" :-)
A candidate for a "stable" release?