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Re: .48-970407.patch1b is OK

> > .48-970407.patch1b seems to work correctly so far.  Non-delivery
> > reports are good.  @a:b@c addresses resolved correctly.
> > Even long broken identd code works now.
> > I'll see if the problems with crasy smtp processes are over or not.
> Although, I noticed a big (18Meg) smtp process now and started
> investigation.  It revealed that the process is trying to deliver
> a hughe message (17M).  Matti, does it mean that smtp agent keeps
> the whole message in memory?  Is it expected behavior?

	No, it PAGES the message in.  If you try to send a message
	that is way too large (2-3 GB?) then average 32-bit system
	can't send it, but it should not be needed either..

	The message file (and the transport-descriptor file) are
	opened RDONLY (and RW respectively), and then mmap()ed

	It gives process often enlarged apparent size, which really
	is not that big in memory/swap.
> (No, in my previous reports, smtp processes grew to 50Meg while
> delivering average several Kb size messages).

	Propably an error in  lib/selfaddr.c.  I spotted it even in
	my home machine...  "weird, the machine went to a swap
	frenzy, what is going on ?  smtp growing rapidly ? Oooo..."

	Fixed in patch1b

> Eugene

	/Matti Aarnio