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Re: Anti-spamming (was Re: Huge amounts of resources)

> I watch the bounces -- since the spammers almost always have bogus Xerox
> addresses on their list, and I have a (small, but growing) list of
> addresses I just refuse to accept mail from (both domains for the HELO,
> and envelope From addresses).

	Gabor's ideas help here too quite nicely -- I just need
	to get them codified without running router in parallel..

> The latest trick i've seen is that they are now sending
> which you can't afford to block, if you expect your users to get back
> error messages.  That combined with the "drop 20-1000 messages on each
> server you can find" trick is getting really annoying.

	Actually why not ?  If the incoming address is a "box", and there
	are more than N ( as low as 2 ? 3 ? ) recipients, start rejecting
	the message.   As my luck runs, people of course have multiple
	non-local people as postmasters, and all get copies ?

> 					\nick

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>