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Re: Another bug in smtp.c

> Since smtpwrite calls smtpclose before returning EX_TEMPFAIL, the line in
> transports/smtp/smtp.c, function ssfgets(buf, bufsiz, inpfp, SS) that
> reads:
> 	if (i != EX_OK) {
> should read:
> 	if ((i != EX_OK) && (i != EX_TEMPFAIL)) {

	Yes, that could work there too, but there were some
	way more serious errors in  setjmp()/longjmp() handling.

	It took me whole day to get all those under control.
	Well, at least now the timeouts should happen in consistent
	manner.  Everything still at my workstation.
	( ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/ )

	Solaris is -- interesting -- platform to do testing, and

> Thanks,
>   Eric Riehl

	/Matti Aarnio