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2.99.48+p1 compile

I finally had a chance to give compiling zmailer under my
SunOS 4.1.3_U1 system another whirl.  It seems to compile with the
following two kludges in dnsgetrr.c:

At the beginning:

#define       HFIXEDSZ        12
#define NETDB_SUCCESS   0
#define NETDB_INTERNAL  -1

and in the gethostbyname2_rz function:

        /*if (!strchr(name, '.') && (cp = __hostalias(name)))*/
        if (!strchr(name, '.') )
                name = cp;

Now my question is should I go ahead and install this (other than the
standard risks associated with a pre-release version)?  Are these changes
going to impact anything other than future "hooks" which are not
currently used?

Further can anything be done about this in the future for systems that do
not use the libresolv that is distributed with zmailer?  And finally will
these future hooks be compatable with the stock resolver stuff or will I
have to go to another OS to run zmailer as a mailserver?  


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