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Re: Still in need: Best stable version or 2.99.47 fix...

On Mar 26, 11:04am, Daryle Tilroe wrote:
> Subject: Still in need: Best stable version or 2.99.47 fix...
> These might be fixed in .47 but as I said I am still unable to get it to
> compile and even if I were to I could not be certain that the hacks would
> not cause any unexpected problems.  Thus I really need to know either what
> the previouly most stable release was (especially for SunOS 4.1.3_U1, I
> had previously been using .11) or when a fix might be forthcoming.

I too would like to get this information. I am getting ready to set up a
Solaris 2.x system for a company which doesn't have any full time
administrators. I would like to install Zmailer, but I don't want to
give them an administration burden.



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