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Re: Bug in smtpserver

> smtpserver 2.99.38 core dumps on lines like
>   smtpserver -i <file
> The reason is that logfp is null, and the fprintf statements don't
> check for that. A workaround is of course,
>   smtpserver -i <file -llogfile
> Better would be to clean up the logging code.
> sdb

	I recall detecting it a while back too -- and fixing it at
	2.99.46.   The problem was in   openlogfp() routine.

	Whoops, there are still unprotected  logfp  references.
	Although these should not matter in case of "-i" option.

	I just got finished with one high-priority project at the
	office, and now I could relax a bit -- and pick some
	code for hacking...  just that I have to try to squeeze
	it thru this d*n 9600 bps cellular link... (2.1 MB of
	ZMailer source ... shudder...)

	In Finland we have a proveb "The showmakers children
	don't have shoes" - nor telecom workers have wire-line
	phones, only these cell-things...   Though we are looking
	for ways to get leased line service for our production,
	and development people sometime this year :)
	(The development team where I am in was formed last summer.)

/Matti Aarnio