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address recognition change? bug?


Immediately after I installed .47 on our main mail relay, I noticed
strange behavior.  I am running a watchdog here from cron.  It
runs on a machine named chronos.sovam.com, and sends a message to
the address "@online.ru:mailping@chronos.sovam.com".  So, the message
is routed to the main "online.ru" relay (deimos), which cuts off
"@online.ru:" and sends the message back to chronos where it is processed
by a script. This worked before (incl .46) but when I installed .47, it

Mar 26 19:39:09 deimos smtp[17216]: .nCIpl228018:
to=@online.ru:mailping@chronos.sovam.com, delay=00:15:56, xdelay=00:00:01,
mailer=smtp, stat=retryat +60 smtp; 500 (nameserver data inconsistency. All
MXes rejected (we are the best?), no address: 'online.ru', errno=Error 0)

and would not route the message back.  If I change the address to


things work as before.  Although, I think that inability to process
correct rfc822 host-route is a bug?