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Stable version?

I have been trying to upgrade our mailserver to the lastest version of
zmailer (2.99.46+p1+p2 and now 2.99.47) and am running into fairly
bothersome problems either compling or running both.  Since I need to get
back to normal and fight other fires fairly soon I would like to know what
is a stable release that most people are running?  Over the last two years
I had been rather happily running 2.99.11 and I am wondering if I need to
go back that far?  Alternatively (and I guess this question is for Matti) 
when do you see coming out with a patch for the 2.99.47 problems?  BTW I
hope this does not appear petulant or ranting.  I like zmailer quite a bit
and am very happy with the development being done on it.  It is just that
I run a system for 100 heavy email users and I need to be running fairly
reliable code.  Thanks! 

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