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Re: Trying to compile 2.99.47 under SunOS 4.1.3_U1 with gcc

> Changes have been made in this release to dnsgetrr.c and dnsgetrr.h mostly
> for IPv6 from what I can see.  I am now unable to compile due to int32_t
> not being properly defined.  I have hacked around a bit but would rather

Same here at Solaris/SPARC 2.5.1

On Soalris, there is no int32_t.  There is uint32_t defined in some strange
includes like pthread.h but not in normal.  I changed it to long as a
temporary measure.

Then, there is gethostbyaddr_r() and it has different number of parameters
than that in dnsgetrr.h -> they would conflict.  Is this function used
anywhere in Zmailer, anyway?  I did not find any references.  Also, you
need to #include <errno.h> into dnsgetrr.c

Also, there are both "makefile" and "Makefile" in lib/ subdirectory, and my
make prefers "makefile" that is not updated during configure.

When compiled it at last and made install-bin and started, it accepted
incoming mail by SMTP, but then the router wrote to the syslog: routing
deferred, and in its own log:

router: rename(68041-24552,../deferred/68041.ctrlfile): No such file or

As far as I can tell, these messages where lost...