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Re: Shadow support for POP3?

On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Andy Poling wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Thomas Stromberg (Nobody) wrote:
> > I'm just curious if it has shadow password support for POP3.. 
> > Probably do but I never saw any mention of it in makefiles/documentation.
> Unfortunately Thomas, the question doesn't apply to ZMAILER.  ZMAILER is an
> MTA (Mail Transport Agent) only, while POP and IMAP servers are MUA's (Mail
> User Agents).  An MTA is basically responsible for sending msgs to other
> machines, receiving msgs from other machines, and putting msgs into user
> mailboxes/maildrops.  An MUA is basically responsible for providing the user
> with access to the msgs in their mailbox/maildrop.
> The best POP servers I've used are those included in the IMAP distribution
> available from ftp.cac.washington.edu (that's from memory).  They are more
> protocol compliant and less bug-prone than the many others I've run into -
> especially those with special (read proprietary) extensions for proprietary
> POP clients (yech!).
> -Andy
> Global Auctions

Oh, I had thought I was running a zmailer pop server the whole time :)
In any case, I'm using qpopper right now, no problems yet. A bit of a
misunderstanding I spose.