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Re: Shadow support for POP3?

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Thomas Stromberg (Nobody) wrote:
> I'm just curious if it has shadow password support for POP3.. 
> Probably do but I never saw any mention of it in makefiles/documentation.

Unfortunately Thomas, the question doesn't apply to ZMAILER.  ZMAILER is an
MTA (Mail Transport Agent) only, while POP and IMAP servers are MUA's (Mail
User Agents).  An MTA is basically responsible for sending msgs to other
machines, receiving msgs from other machines, and putting msgs into user
mailboxes/maildrops.  An MUA is basically responsible for providing the user
with access to the msgs in their mailbox/maildrop.

The best POP servers I've used are those included in the IMAP distribution
available from ftp.cac.washington.edu (that's from memory).  They are more
protocol compliant and less bug-prone than the many others I've run into -
especially those with special (read proprietary) extensions for proprietary
POP clients (yech!).


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