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Re: bug found

> > 	Hmm.. 2.99.47 test complile at my machine gronks, because of
> > 	some IPv6 things :-(  Oh bugger...  (But then I wrote them
> > 	blindly at my home machine, which does not have IPv6 stuff :) )
> Why don't you get a new kernel ? Just look at ftp.funet.fi :)

	At home I use CDROM distribution packages, and none of them
	are enough up to date to help me here :-(   Soon we should
	get SyQuest removable cartridge drives for office machines,
	and then I can carry 100+ MB easily.   (Working at a telecom
	company development group oddly does not mean I have a phone-
	line to home, all of us have a cellular, of course...  I may
	sooner get an ADSL link to home, than ordinary phone-line :-)~ )

> Sven
> -- 

	/Matti Aarnio