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Re: Multiple Routers Processing A Single Message

> > We're running version 2.99.38 on IRIX 5.3 systems (using EFS filesystems)
> > with NROUTERS set to 10.  The (I think) relevant piece of code in
> > router/functions.c hasn't changed as of 2.99.46 though.

Problem not only found on IRIX but also on Solaris 2.5.  I'm running 2.99.38 
also and limit NROUTERS to 1 for temporary fix.

> 	It hasn't.  I am more and more convinced that it should
> 	revert back to the old  link()/unlink() method, which
> 	behaviour apparently can be made completely deterministic,
> 	and most definitely it will not behave in this SysVr4
> 	manner that we so much see...

I've tried to uncomment HAVE_RENAME and use old link/unlink for locking in 
2.99.38 but seems the problem still presists.   Besides this, any fix in
2.99.46p1 to address the problem?

> 	Your locking code is an interesting idea, though :-)
I'll try Andy's locking code and just to see whether it helps in Solaris.

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