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Re: released 2.99.46

> >   smtpserver/relaytest.h:  It has one #ifdef HAVE_DB_H, which
> > 			   should be  #ifdef HAVE_DBM_H
> > 
> I had the same problem and after I made the change suggested above the
> error messages changed (The operating system is Digital UNIX 3.2D-1):

	Yes, you too don't have BSD DB in your system.
	(and I do have a think skull at the times...)
	It is a 4 line patch - one away, and 3 in.

	I will this time try to compile these on DEC UNIX 4.0,
	and also on Solaris 2.5.1.  Then it should work far
	better than with Linux alone..

> I cannot solve that problem so I hope that someone can.
> -- 
> - Matti -

/Matti Aarnio