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lists with 2.99.44


I've just upgraded my system to Zmailer 2.99.44 with patch1 applied (from
.27) and stumbled upon a problem.

I use a Zmailers internal maillist feature in combination with a heavily
modified ListServ on my Linux machine. In the old Zmailer this worked
fine, just create a file in the lists directory and off we go. But with
the new version I get this :

address: sim@wit393101.student.utwente.nl
file: 23837-20286 <sim@wit393101.student.utwente.nl> =>
address: testlist@wit393101.student.utwente.nl
Usage: listexpand [ -e error-address ] [ -E errors-to-address ] [-p
privilege] [ -c comment ] [ -N notarystring ] $attribute $localpart
$origaddr < /file/path
No routed addresses -> deferred

I've been skimming through the router files but cannot find anything
really different from the old version. I first thought it might be a
problem with the fact that I used some configuration files from the old
version, because I've defined a couple of special channels (fidonet etc.)
but a friend of mine was installing the same zmailer clean, and has the
same problem.
I've had to fall back to the listexpand.c program but I find the internal
server more elegant and I have no need for such 'heavy armor'.

I'd like to figure out why the lists are not working now.

Any idea's ??

Thanx in advance.

/* Florian Overkamp <sim@wit393101.student.utwente.nl>              */
/* PGP Key-ID 233FC67D                                              */
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