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Re: header rewrite function for sender and recipient

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Lai Yiu Fai wrote:

> I have encountered a problem that our configuration require two different
> header rewriting functions for sender and recipient address.  However, Zmailer
> crossbar procedure only return one function and apply for both address 
> header.   Is it possible to make it the same as sendmail that ruleset 1
> and ruleset 2 applies to sender and recipient respectively ?

(Browsing the list archive I found that no one answered this question.
Is it true?)

zmailer-2.99.43/router/shliaise.c:crossbar() contains a comment:

         * We expect to see something like
         * (rewrite (fc fh fu) (tc th tu)) or
---->    * ((address-rewrite header-rewrite) (fc fh fu) (tc th tu))
         * back from the crossbar function.

This could be something similar: 'crossbar' zmsh function might return
a list of rewriting functions. I've tried to analyze the function
calling crossbar() [zmailer-2.99.43/router/rfc822.c:sequencer()]
but I couldn't found this feature implemented.

However a generalized return value of 'crossbar' might be
(rewrite-function (fc fh fu fa) (tc th tu ta))    [for compatibility reasons]
as well as
((sender-rewrite-func recipient-rewrite-func) ((fc fh fu fa) (tc th tu ta))

The function should get the header name as argument, so
it could apply different rewrite strategies on different header elements
(To/Resent-To/... and From/Sender/Resent-From/Reply-To/...)
if necessary.


(newbie zmailerist)