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2.99.44 is out..


	I finally had a quiet moment, and were able to productize
	my development source tree again -- including doing diff
	in between previous release, and this one (to write the
	ChangeLog information, and to update a few man-pages.)

	There are several things that propably interest you:
	- No more errorneous extra newlines in between the
	  message headers, and the body  (mailbox, sm)
	- smtp-server uses the sub-process router as intended,
	  if so desired, but also has BEGINNINGS of tools to
	  do instant message address acceptance/rejection
	  analysis entirely inside the smtp-server before
	  accepting the message into the server
	  See below, and into  proto/smtpserver.conf* for
	  ideas about what else you can parametrize ;-)
	- the scheduler can be ordered to shut down in orderly
	  manner, wait reports from the kids, and not leave orphans

	This seems to work at Linux 2.1.7/RedHat 3.0.3/4.0,  and
	at DEC UNIX 4.0a.  (Those are systems that I run this version
	right now.)

	I may have forgotten some of your questions/suggestions,
	so please remind me of them if you think I have forgotten
	something -- I receive a few hundred emails per day, and
	the heaps of "process me someday" mail are growing...

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

	PS: I am going to USENIX/USELINUX in two weeks time,
	    if there are enough of us there, we could do a BOF.

Tue Dec 24 00:23:32 1996  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* all transporters:
	    Process  SIGQUIT as marker for desire of termination.
	    That is, equal to earlier SIGTERM behaviour, but with
	    a bit less urgent death.

	* scheduler/scheduler.c, scheduler/threads.c, scheduler/transport.c:
	    An attempt to create an orderly shutdown; send the
	    scheduler signal SIGQUIT will activate this behaviour.

	* Makefile.in:
	    When "make dist", at first do  "chmod -R a+rX" to turn on
	    all read-, and some x-bits.

	* SiteConfig.in, configure.in:
	   Autoconfigure preferred DBTYPE, and default extension for it.
	   From  SiteConfig.in  it will propagate to  /etc/zmailer.conf
	   (or where ever that one is..)

	* compat/rmail/Makefile.in, compat/sendmail/Makefile.in,
	  router/Makefile.in, scheduler/Makefile.in, smtpserver/Makefile.in,
	  transports/mailbox/Makefile.in, transports/sm/Makefile.in,
	  transports/smtp/Makefile.in, utils/makendbm/Makefile.in,
	    Autoconfigure  MAILBIN= -entry (for installing)

	* utils/makendbm/makendbm.c:
	    Corrections for BSD DB B-tree database parametrization.

	* proto/cf/aliases.c:
	    Instead of using memory-hog script of (listaddresses ...),
	    do use the builtin (listexpand ...) routine.

	* proto/cf/rrouter.cf:
	    Do "ssift/in/tfiss" test on $address.

	* proto/smtpserver.conf, smtpserver/smtpserver.c,
	  smtpserver/Makefile.in, smtpserver/relaytest.c,
	    - On STREAMs machines accept several rather mystic error
	      states for  accept() -- with a shrug.. No need to exit(1)
	      on such things as ENOSR, or EPROTO (No STREAMS Resources,
	      Error on STREAMS PROTOcol, ...)
	    - Don't log to console ( openlog( ... LOG_CONS ... ) )
	    - Accept any input - any at all - for the HELO parameter.
	      Be a bit more picky with EHLO...
	    - Relay-control facility -- to whom we accept email to
	      (must be out customer, or the sender is our customer)
	    - Introduce new "PARAM" tokens -- several of them:
		- "help" - string for the HELP-response main-text,
			   up to 20 lines
		- "maxsize"		- max-size we accept
		- "reject-percent-kludge"  - flag
		- "accept-percent-kludge"  - ditto
		- "relaytargets"	- db-file definition
		- "relaycustnets"	- ditto the rest
		- "rejectnets"
		- "rejectsource"
		- "rejecttarget"

	* router/libdb/bsdtree.c, router/libdb/gdbm.c, router/libdb/ndbm.c,
	    Modification test trips when the open file has link-count of
	    ZERO -- somebody mv(1)ed a new database on top of the old one!

	* scheduler/msgerror.c:
	    - An armour against WTT being NUL (upgradeing something?)
	    - Recognizing a situation where we are sending an error
	      report on error report -- marking that with altered subject

	* scheduler/scheduler.c, scheduler/threads.c:
	    Improve the freeze-out mode, it was able to spawn kids
	    in the freeze-out mode, though it did not feed them.

	* scheduler/transport.c:
	    Alter mailq() printout fork ending to be _exit(0)

	* transports/errormail/errormail.c:
	    Use the 'host' parameter if one is supplied. Always
	    pass it to the diagnostics subroutines.

	* transports/mailbox/mailbox.c:
	    - Fix processing the "lastchar" things.
	    - append_header() without extra "\n"

	* transports/sm/sm.c:
	    - append_header() without extra "\n"

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c:
	    New options:
		-F punthost  -- Send all mail to denoted host
		-L localname -- At multi-homed machine, bind() to named
				interface before doing connect()

Tue Dec  3 19:17:28 1996  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* smtpserver/smtpserver.c:
	    Missing a couple of fflush()es -- moved the EXPN and
	    VRFY routines into separate subroutines.  Now have
	    ONE fflush() after each of the calls.

Mon Dec  2 18:38:09 1996  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* utils/makendbm/makendbm.c:
	    Yet another parameter error in case the system can do
	    both NDBM and BTREE -- autch!

	* smtpserver/smtpserver.c:
	    Be silent about log-files when started up as
	    "/usr/lib/sendmail -bs" by somebody who can not
	    write into the default log files.