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Re: (lame) problem sending mails

> -> the scheduler keeps repeating:
> -> ---
> -> Resyncing file "G/84142-4108" (ino=84142) .. in processing db
> -> ---
> -> 
> -> I tried zmailer-2.99.43b-961202 too. The same result.
> -> I think it's a problem w/my config.
> hmmm I saw the same lines in my scheduler log whan I ran 2.99.43b

	I have said it occasionally that that is a symptom of
	the scheduler, and transport-agent disagreeing message
	work specification meaning.  Most commonly it is due to
	mis-parametrization of the transporter (by means of use
	of non-standard channel names)

	Sometimes it is a result from (re)starting the scheduler
	so that old scheduler's transporters haven't gotten time
	enough to finish.  Then there may appear a case where
	some message becomes processed by previous transporter,
	while a new one was being prepared for the job.
	The transporter notices that it does not have anything
	to do ( ctlopen() -routine returns NULL ), and it notifies
	"#resync <filename>" to the scheduler.

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	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
		(Going home a bit early to get back to work at
		 5:30 AM for moving POP-service from one machine
		 to a new cluster..)