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Re: strange scheduler log (again)

... (about why execing something in mailq reporting..)
> That still doesn't make a lot of sense.  I see how an exit(1) 
> would trigger such noise, but _exit(1)?  The former runs
> any atexit()/onexit() hooks that your debugging malloc
> routines may have intstalled, but the latter is supposed
> to bypass all such cleanup routintes.  Or are you using
> some memory access debugger which sits in another process
> space?

	It was something I did need for DEC OSF/1 ATOM/Third-Degree
	memory access debugger, and my intention is to change things
	dramatically so that there will be no forked sub-process
	doing queue-report output anymore.

	I am considering of implementing it with Pthreads, but it
	means radical departure from "minimal technology" approach.
	(And a season of instabilities, very likely..)

> 		--Ken Pizzini

	/Matti Aarnio