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Re: 2.99.43 install comments

-> Hello,
-> I downloaded  that version on Solaris 2.4 and tried to install it...
-> 1. i configured with --enable-tcp-wrappers=/usr/local
-> - hmmm that thinks that tcpd.h is in the same dir as libwrap.a
-> - i have tcpd.h in /usr/local/include (--includedir /usr/local/include)
->  and libwrap.a in /usr/local/lib (--libdir /usr/local/lib)
-> - i defined that all but it won't help... that's no good imho...
-> 2. I run make (a few minutes on slow classic) and then make install started
-> to compile everything again, why ?

there are some rm -f <something>.o in 'make install' ...again - why ?

3. I tried to compile on faster machine but I couldn't make install as me
(not allowed to edit system config files) nor as root (not allowed change
some files on NFS server... again tha problem - install tries not just
install, but change some files in source dir too...)

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