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I'm attempting to set up zmailer 2.99.43 under HPUX 9.03

Ok, zmailer compiles just fine. 

Now how to I get it to work.

Configuration & trouble shooting info seems to be in short supply.
Or I'm not looking in the correct place.

Router seems to work.  Messages get sorted into queue and

Scheduler is doing something, but nothing gets delivered.

If I kill scheduler and run scheduler -v manually,
I get out put that puts out stuff like this:
stashprocess(5066, 6, 6, local, root@vega.math.ualberta.ca)
curitem 40018404 curitem->wakeup 850348004 now 850348005
read from 6 returns 8
5066 fd=6 processed: #hungry
pick_next_vertex(proc->tofd=6, thr=0x40018404, vtx=0x400195ec, jobs=2
ok=1 justfree=0)
 ... NONE, current one has not been fed..
feed: tofd=6, fed=0, chan=local, proc=0x4001ca4c, vtx=0x400195ec, len=41
buf=H/155825-3904      root@vega.math.ualberta.ca
pick_next_vertex(proc->tofd=6, thr=0x40018404, vtx=0x400195ec, jobs=2
ok=1 justfree=0)
 ... thr=same vtx=0x40018a44
feed: tofd=6, fed=0, chan=local, proc=0x4001ca4c, vtx=0x40018a44, len=41
buf=J/155827-4525      root@vega.math.ualberta.ca
pick_next_vertex(proc->tofd=6, thr=0x40018404, vtx=0x40018a44, jobs=2
ok=1 justfree=0)
 ... overfed=2, no thread change.
read from 6 returns 8, errno=0
sig_chld() pid=5066, ok=1, stat=0xc
read from 6 returns 0, errno=0
reclaim(6,-1) pid=-5066, reaped=1, chan=local,
thread_reschedule() ch=local ho=root@vega.math.ualberta.ca jobs=2

This doesn't help me a lot.


Ok so I tried running zmailer/sendmail -v < /tmp/trash
where /tmp/trash was a saved mail message.

Sil -v </tmp/trash
[521] vega:local/src/zmailer-2.99.43/man
      ==>router processed message 155825-3904
l <96Dec11.162559-0700_mst.155825-3904+1@vega.math.ualberta.ca>
e  <root>
e root@math.ualberta.ca
s local root root@math.ualberta.ca 1
r       local root@vega.math.ualberta.ca root -2
headers rewritten using 'internet' function:
Received: by vega.math.ualberta.ca id <155825-3904>; Wed, 11 Dec 1996
16:25:59 -0700
Date:   Wed, 11 Dec 1996 06:30:04 -0500
From:   root@vega.math.ualberta.ca
To:     root@vega.math.ualberta.ca
Subject: vega: HP Remote Watch file monitor output

router done processing 155825-3904
Locking sequence: '.L:L'
ordered deletion of task file from scheduler memory (155825-3904)

The last two lines repeat indefinately.