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Re: smtpserver 2.99.43b still dying with SEGV

> I hate to say it, but the problem of smtpserver eventually dying (once
> every few days under heavy load) is still here.  This time, stack seems
> be corrupt.  Again, it *might* be because of my modifications dealing
> with on-the-fly charset translation, but might not.

	Do you mean that the actively running SMTP server dies, or
	that the one that is doing  accept()-calls does die ?

	In latter case it manifests itself as SMTP not responding,
	but former can be anything..

> Any ideas?

	Solaris 2.3 ?  (I have not seen the smtpserver on  accept()
	mode to die since machines at UTU.FI were changed to  Solaris 2.5.)

> Eugene

		/Matti Aarnio