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Re: Strange message looping

-> > I noticed a strange behavior.  We have a friendly domain which has my
-> > mail host as one of MXes:
-> > 
-> > kommersant.com  preference = 10, mail exchanger = smtp.kommersant.com
-> > kommersant.com  preference = 20, mail exchanger = koi.smtp.online.ru
-> > 
-> > koi.smtp.online.ru is one of the 'alias' IP interfaces opened on
-> > deimos.sovam.com.  This name *is* mentioned in the 'localnames' database
-> > (and yes, it it sorted alphabetically).  Although, I am getting messages
-> > like the one below (probably when the primary MX is unreachable):
-> 	This is why the /etc/zmailer.conf can have line line:
-> 		SELFADDRESSES=mailhost.utu.fi,antares.utu.fi
-> 	The problem is at the MX-lookup at the SMTP-client.
-> 	The SMTP-client does not know which IP-addresses are
-> 	owned by the system, and there is no simple reliable
-> 	way to do it...  Except by listing them manually.

But why does router forward that message to smtpclients ?
Is something wrong in the 'routes' file ? should be mails to kommersant.com
forwardes to primary mail exchanger or what ?

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