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I'm so happy I use zmailer

I just saw this:

RHANOI:$+	$:1 2 3$1
R$-$-$-$*[$+]	$:$1$2$3$4          
R$-$-$-		$@$1$2$3 
R$-$-$-@$*	$:$>49 $1$3$2$4     
R$-$-$-$*	$:$>49 $2$3$1$4[Move Top Disk Of Peg $1 To Peg $3]      
R$-$-$-$*	$:$3$2$1@$4      

and it struck me how many odd hacks I've added to my zmailer, and how
un-sendmail-like it has all been.

Thanks, Matti!