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Re: mx checking ?

-> 	1)  If sender IP address is in networks that belong to
-> 	    our customers ( - that have Smart-Host agreenment with
-> 	    us), accept the message [ network in CIDR sense; anything
-> 	    from single IP address to "A"-supernets ]
-> 	2)  If sender's MAIL FROM has domain address (or address suffix)
-> 	    matching our customers, accept the message
-> 	    [ fake protection: domain suffix, sender addresses must match! ]
-> 	    [ fake protection fault:  .forward !  -- SPAM-protection is
-> 	      seriously hard problem! ]

what about rejecting mail when we got MAIL FROM <fake@address.domain>
- we can always look if such host/domain exists, can't we ?
- the same if the host/domain exists, but it is in 'shitlist' -
  hosts/domains which allows spamming, file editable by root etc...

-> 	3)  If recipient address has matching in above manner, accept the
-> 	    recipient address
-> 	4)  If recipient address does not match in above manner, OPTIONALLY
-> 	    reject the recipient address (alternate: log the data)
-> 	5)  If no recipient address were accepted, reject the message
-> 	    ( address rejection is optional, but if all addresses are
-> 	      rejected, the message must be rejected too! )
-> 	Opt6) Reject relaying to non-local addresses
-> 	Opt7) Reject !%@-kludge addresses

great, now what ? will it be included in the newest zmailer ? :)

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