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Re: how to prevent zmailer to add sender and fake-sender to headers?

dupont@dns.septgie.fr writes:
> When zmailer detects that the from field is different of
> the login name, it adds a Fake-sender field whith the login name
> and a Sender fiels whith identity daemon.
> 	Some users Have a UA which takes the sender field as from field
> (X400 mail system).
> 	I use zmailer 2.99.34 but can upgrade. Is there a way to have the
> sender field same as from.


Believing From: is wrong.  Try running lynx and ``clicking'' on a
mailto field - a complete novice will usually fill in a completely
unusable From: field.  Obviously anyone can fake a complete email
message using SMTP, but that requires at least a *bit* of