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Solaris 5.5 - SA_INTERRUPT undeclared

having initial difficulties compiling various zmailer revisions
under Solaris 5.5

This particular one is zmailer 2.99.25 (our production code at present
on another machine).

using hostenv/SunOS5.4 (since there wasn't a 5.5). Is there a new
hostenv/SunOS5.5 in the works?

cd ../libsh; make  libsh.a
../ssl/ssl -D short -l sh.lst sh.ssl
gcc -g -O2 -fno-strength-reduce -DMAILER  -I../include  -c sslwalker.c 
.c interpret.c listutils.c builtins.c io.c expand.c mail.c path.c 
prompt.c test.
c trap.c variables.c execute.c jobcontrol.c tregexp.c regex.c zmsh.c 
trap.c: In function `trapsnap':
trap.c:86: `SA_INTERRUPT' undeclared (first use this function)
trap.c:86: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
trap.c:86: for each function it appears in.)
(also undeclared in execute.c, zmsh.c)

For zmailer 2.99.28, I get various other headaches. After commenting
out the autoconf and autoheader calls in the Makefile - why are they there?
my machine can't find them. Souldn't there be a note indicating any extra
packages needed ?)

making all in smtpserver
cd ../lib ; make 
make: Warning: Infinite loop: Target `../libs/libz.a' depends on itself

ucbcc: Invalid input file name ../include/rfc822.entry, no output 
generated for this file.

"/usr/include/sys/machsig.h", line 83: macro BUS_OBJERR redefines 
previous macro at "/usr/ucbinclude/sys/signal.h", line 447

cc -g -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.. -I../include   -c  fdstatfs.c
cc -g -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.. -I../include  -o smtpserver smtpserver.o 
version.o rfc821scn.o debugreport.o loadaver.o  fdstatfs.o -L../libs -lz
-lzc -lident -lmalloc_d -lresolv -lsocket  -lelf
ild: (undefined symbol) kvm_open -- referenced in the text segment of loadaver.o
ild: (undefined symbol) kvm_read -- referenced in the text segment of loadaver.o
ild: (undefined symbol) kvm_close -- referenced in the text segment of loadaver.o
ild: (undefined symbol) kvm_nlist -- referenced in the text segment of loadaver.o

SunOS srv 5.5 Generic sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-4
SunOS tuzo 5.5 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1

using gcc 2.7.2 and the native Sun cc

James S. MacKinnon           Office: P-139 Avahd-Bhatia Physics Lab
Team Physics                 Voice : (403) 492-8226
University of Alberta        email : Jim.MacKinnon@Phys.UAlberta.CA
Edmonton, Canada T6G 2N5
        WWW:   http://www.phys.ualberta.ca/~jmack/jmack.html