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Specific alias for routed email?

I've come upon a recent need for a zmailer feature but I am unsure how to
make it work.  Basically, we have zmailer running on our firewall machine
which forwards email to our internal machines that do the actual email
delivery.  However, there are some "internal" addresses that we'd rather
not be mailable from random people over the internet.  Thus, we would like
to have zmailer "alias" selected addresses, so they get sent somewhere
else, rather than being routed on to our mailhub for delivery.

However, in looking in zmailer I don't see an obvious way to do this.
I guess what I'd really like is some sort of configuration so we can
apply some sort of "alias" expansion on all incoming email going through
that machine, so we can redirect certain messages and not others.
Something like a channel designation that would allow for filtering
specific addresses...

Could someone provide an easy (or complex) way to configure zmailer to
do this?


Bruce Sterling Woodcock ------ Systems Administrator ][ sterling@netapp.com
Network & Systems Administration - Network Appliance ][ sterling@netcom.com