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The first autoconfig walk-thru: 2.99.28


	Now the first walk-thru of the GNU-Autoconf mutated edition
	of the ZMailer is available, however while I believe things
	to work, I have not tested them in a production system yet!
	(First testruns will commence tonight at my laptop..)

	Basically the autoconfig is quite easy to use:

		./configure --prefix=/opt/mail  --with-mailbox=/var/mail
		( see:  ./configure --help    for more options )

	but systems do vary in details -- DEC OSF/1 has ndbm in its
	libc, while Linux has gdbm in separate library, etc. surprises..

	Please try it -- at non-critical system -- and tell me, what
	needs to be added at the autoconf system.
	Oh yes,  router/Makefile.in  has "wrong" ROUTER_LIB= definition,
	which may cause some digestion problem while running make.
	(DEC OSF/1 is silent at it, Linux needs libs..)

/Matti Aarnio