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Strange problem with Zmailer 2.99.25

I had one of my users come to me the other day because an email of his
bounced. When looking closer at the bounce message (the bounce used the
delivery template) the error that was being reported, was generated by a
completely unrelated host. Here is an excerpt from the bounce message
showing the error Zmailer reported (the names have been changed to
protect the innocent):

    <smtp some.other.host joe@some.other.host 211>: ...\
            <<- QUIT
            ->> 221 mailhost.host.one closing connection

Here is an excerpt from the smtp log which shows the error:

    22494g00000#    jobspec: 170859-215     host.one
    22494g00001#    (Connecting to `mailhost.host.one' [] Mon Apr 29 14:39:22 1996)
    22494g00002r    220-mailhost.host.one Sendmail 8.6.10/1.2 ready at Mon, 29 Apr 1996 22:35:30 +0100^M
    22494g00003r    220 ESMTP spoken here
    22494g00004w    EHLO rainier.nds.com
    22494g00005r    250-mailhost.host.one Hello mailhost.host.one [], pleased to meet you
    22494g00006r    250-EXPN
    22494g00007r    250-SIZE
    22494g00008r    250 HELP
    22494g00009#    170859-215: <96Apr29.143907pdt.170859-215+172@rainier.nds.com>
    22494g00010w    MAIL From:<user@nds.com> SIZE=1210
    22494g00011r    250 <user@nds.com>... Sender ok
    22494g00012w    RCPT To:<dst@host.one>
    22494g00013r    250 <dst@host.one>... Recipient ok
    22494g00014w    DATA
    22494g00015r    354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
    22494g00016w    .
    22494g00017r    250 WAA09427 Message accepted for delivery
    22494g00018#    1036 bytes, 346 in header
    22494g00019#    jobspec: 170858-215     some.other.host
    22494g00020w    QUIT
    22494g00021r    221 mailhost.host.one closing connection
    22494g00022#    (closed SMTP channel - new host)
    22494g00023#    jobspec: 170857-215     some.other.host
    22494g00024#    jobspec:

There was no other entries in the log which looked like they could have
caused the problem. Does anyone have any idea what might have caused the
problem? Any help would be appreciated.


Brian Dockter   (KC7JZL)         | Email: brian@nds.com
Sr. Software Engineer            | Voice: 206-524-0014
Northwest Digital Systems        | FAX: 206-524-3440