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Re: The zmailer logging

> Most of it makes sense to me, but I confess that I find certain
> aspects of the router log perplexing.  In particular, I don't
> understand the 'external external' and 'env-end env-end' fields of the
> info line.  Something to do with ESMTP, I'd guess, but the exact
> meaning seems well woven into the code :) Matti?  Anyone?

	Yes, much of it is woven into the code.

	Very much of things are in forms of "property lists",
	that is:   ( ... "name" ("value") ... ) -pairs, and
	there can not be just two "name"s after each other,
	thus:  'external external', and (spurious) 'env-end

	'external' says that the message came in thru some
	external channel, and that the owner of the spool-
	file is not to be trusted -- owner is "daemon", and
	it is unacceptable in this case for direct storing
	into an explicitely defined file:

	MAIL FROM:<...>
	RCPT TO:<"/etc/hosts.equiv"@....>

	.. just as an example.

> --Arnt

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi> <mea@utu.fi>