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Various Zmailer Problems


I'll try to smash all of this into one message ;-)

System info:

Linux puck 1.3.84 #5 Thu Apr 4 14:08:11 EST 1996 i586

             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
             47416      46748        668      20832       1888       4480
-/+ buffers:            44860       2556
Swap:       102420      10328      92092

1) It seems that the mailq command no longer works.

puck:~> mailq -s
0 entries in router queue: idle
558 messages in transport queue: working
Transport queue is empty

It's quite obviously lying.  When I try telnetting to localhost:174, it looks
good until...

9:      193863-267      1; 15383        #(activation pending, thread pid=19713 expected, expires in 2d13h, tries=0)
10:     193863-267      1; 13009        #(running now, pid=20042 touched, expires in 2d13h, tries=0)
11:     193866-15924    1; 163  #(retry in 1m8s, expires in 2d22h,Connection closed by foreign host.

Notice where the connection closes.

2) aliases file pipes don't work with @'s

If I have an aliases entry that looks like this:

foobar: "|/usr/local/bin/foobar foobar@puck.nether.net"

It returns a user unknown error.  However, if I remove the @, it works fine.
I've tried this multiple times.  Escaping the @ with \ doesn't work.  I've
tried to dig through the docs for a reason, but can't find anything :-/

A few of my scripts need the @ capability, though.  Any ideas?

3) Logging

Is there any way to get more information logged on a certain message, like
message size, in the scheduler statistics file?  One of the things we miss
from sendmail is being able to analyze the average message size, etc.

4) maxchannel/maxring

I'm rather confused about maxchannel and maxring.  What are they used for?
What's the difference?  What do they do?

Thanks for your time.  I've found zmailer to be quite nice (a heavy mail load
on sendmail is like a nasty fork bomb).  Keep up the good work :-)

Ryan Tucker (aka HoopyCat)		Despite all my rage, I'm still just
rtucker@puck.nether.net			a root in a cage...
	PGP Public Key available by fingering rtucker@worf.netins.net