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a 'mailq' question

I have just installed Z-mailer 2.99.26 on a Sparc station running Solaris 
2.5.  It seems to work in every way, except when I give a 'mailq' command 
like below:

pts/2 14:35 press-gopher[17] mailq                                            ~
mailq: no input from scheduler
pts/2 14:36 press-gopher[18] mailq -s -Q                                      ~
0 entries in router queue: idle
5 messages in transport queue: working
mailq: no input from scheduler

'mailq' used to work fine on the same machine running SunOS 4.1.4 and it also
worked when I initially installed under Solaris 2.5.  Any ideas what's wrong
and/or how to fix it?

Another question is: what is the best way to recover from the condition
where suddenly mail bounces from a "Trying to talk to myself" error?
My current procedure in this is:

zmailer kill
<wait a few minutes, make sure no Z-mailer processes running>
zmailer bootclean
zmailer cleanup

It doesn't always work though and I think I'd feel more comfortable knowing
where the problem originates and where to look to fix it.


Roy Bixler
Univ. of Chicago Press