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Alternate local delivery methods

We're wondering if anybody has tried using ZMailer with other local delivery
systems such as the Cyrus IMAP package.  We currently have about 20000 users
set up there so that their mail is delivered to ~/mbox instead of 
/var/mail/<username> for efficiency.

We're currently using qpopper but we have run into some problems with 
corrupt mailboxes (possibly because of some NFS locking issues), and we're
looking to switching to an alternative local mail agent for our users.

All our users are connected via PPP or SLIP so local access isn't an issue
so we're currently looking into Cyrus IMAP
(http://andrew2.andrew.cmu.edu/cyrus/).  If anybody has implemented such
a solution, I'm wondering if they used a deliver/sm combination, or 
combined the two into one single program?

We're also looking at handling all our domains as separate identities (we
currently have about 800 domains), with possibly a different flag to the
delivery agent and then a different IP for each POP server (just using
a different serverspace).

David Riley         - University of Waterloo
driley@direct.ca    - Internet Direct (Vancouver, B.C.)