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Re: How do I restrict message size?

> Apologies for the newbie question, but I didn't see anything obvious in
> Zmailer that allows me to restrict the maximum size of a message it is
> processing, and reject it if it's too big.  Is this possible?

	You don't say, which version of system you have ?
	If you got a HUGE number of files into scheduler queue, the
	lattest schedulers behave better -- with smaller memory foot-
	print too.

	Anyway, like David Riley noted to you, the SMTP input processing
	system -- smtpserver -- can be parametrized with maximum size for
	any single message:

		smtpserver -M 60000 -other_options

	Similar could (perhaps) be devised for the  /usr/lib/sendmail
	(the compability program) too.  (I need to add that code, and
	 a new  /etc/zmailer.conf  -variable for the option params,

	As to the number of recipients (which bloats the scheduler), if
	the sender works according to the specs, it sends 100 recipients
	for each message, until all recipients are sent..
	(That is, the sender feeds multiple messages with 100 recipients
	 on each.)

> Recently, we got spammed with several large messages and our scheduler
> got huge... I don't know if that was the cause or not, but in any case
> I want to restrict the maximum size of the message that we receive.

	Somebody made a stupid thing, and got sent a lot of email as
	a sort of punishment ?  (That would not explain the scheduler
	becoming bloated..)

> Bruce
> -- 
> Bruce Sterling Woodcock --- Systems Administrator ][ sterling@netapp.com

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi>