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Re: router eating sick amounts of core

   Date: 	Mon, 25 Dec 1995 09:12:49 -0800 (PST)
   From: Tom Samplonius <tom@uniserve.com>

   On Mon, 25 Dec 1995, David S. Miller wrote:

   > I recall reading that there are some memory problems when expanding
   > large mailing lists.  This site runs about 70 or so majordomo lists,
   > most have over 2,000 subscribers per list.  I was hoping that zmailer
   > would make my site humm, but it's just eating a lot of ram and doing
   > worse than sendmail ever did.

     Are you actually using Zmailer for list expansion? or is Majordomo 
   doing the expansion?

Yes, in the end the majordomo lists gets expanded using :include:
directives in the alias file.

   > Or do people suspect memory leakage?  I'm using a pretty trustworthy
   > resolver library to link against, so I don't suspect that to be the
   > problem.

     Memory leakage is always possible.

     Try linking with gnumalloc.  It could be that your malloc isn't very 

Ok, I'll give this a try.  It's funny no one else has seen this under

David S. Miller