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Re: zmailer filter function

On Nov 25, 16:04, Matti Aarnio wrote:
> Subject: Re: zmailer filter function
> > Just wondering if you saw my note in the zmailer mailing list. Would such
> > a thing be possible? You could filter the entire contents of the
> > message to an external process. The process would expect the message to
 .. deleted ..
> 	Yes, I saw it, and have been thinking about it.
> 	... though I only envisioned getting filtered headers
> 	and some addressing information back.
> 	The thing I am "a bit" shy about, is the usage of separate
> 	(external) process to do the filtering.

     Would you want an external process to do all the filtering? or and
     additional process to do filtering (which I think is the right way).

> 	On the other hand...  If such module does basic header rewriting,
> 	(scrubs away some, edits others), and returns the new set to the
> 	router along with addresses, it could be used to implemend a
> 	moderated lists -- and as ubiquitously insertable censor function..
> 	I must say, I am somewhat uncertain if it would be Good Idea
> 	at all...

 Tha main function of this filter (for my purposes anyway) is to implement a
virus checking filter. This new filter I still think could greatly enhance
the functionality of zmailer.

 EX: - check for attachments.. decode them, check for viruses.. issue warning
       with the message stating that a possible virus exists with the message.

     - Your MUA doesn't understand MIME? (Like MS-Mail!), check for a MIME
       attachment, decode it, change it to a UUENCODED attachement,ship the
       message back to the user..

     - Internal hostname hiding becomes a snap
     - Username translation also becomes much easier

     - basically anything that zmailer currently cannot do, or was not
       meant to do, can be done by this external process.

     - The filter can now be written in the language of your choice. sh, csh,
       tcah, Perl, C, C++.. etc..

  The format of the message being sent to the filter can be kept very simple.


   Can this type of message be accepted by the router? or what other format
   could be used?

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