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Re: Parsing of machine::user@relay syntax...

> On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, Jens Petersohn wrote:
>> We have a couple of machines at our site that are only connected via DECnet.
>> When someone sends mail to our DECnet/SMTP host, and the mail is forwared
>> from there to a SMTP machine, the address appears as follows at the
>> destination:
>> 	dechost::user@relay
>> where dechost is the DECnet only machine, user the user there, and relay
>> the host that has both DECnet and SMTP on it. This address goes through
>> VMS PMDF and BSD sendmail just fine, but zmailer (2.99.?) chokes on it
>> with the following error:
>> 	dechost:  :user@relay
>> 	        ^-illegal end of address

Really ?  I get following:

Illegal-Object: Syntax error in From: address found on mea.utu.fi:
        From:   dechost: :user@relay
                ^      ^-illegal special character in phrase
                 \-extraneous tokens in mailbox

I am looking at getting the rfc822.ssl to accept it.

>> I traced the sequencer, and this message is generated before any parsing by
>> the router() or crossbar() is done, so I cannot fix it in the scripts.
>> Has anyone seen this problem before and (beg/hope) fixed it?
>   The ":" is used as mail path separator.  See RFC 821.
>   You decnet <-> ip gateway should be doing this:
>   dechost::user -> user@dechost.relay

	dechost::user@relay --> "dechost::user"@relay

> instead.
> Tom

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>